Thursday, April 1, 2010

You cant see me

Every morning its the same routine. 2 rugrats get uo then mommy than grandma.Mommy gets ready and i follow her around to see if shes gonna do anything new...she doesnt . Then grandma says"okay put the dogs away" when u hear that run for cover. (At my old house we had aa wood table that was dark uinder so i fit right in.) i find the nearst table but every day they still find me help??

i still cant figure it out

New Spring Wardrobe

Today moomy went shopping. when she came back she said she had a surprise. She had a big bag that had people and writing on it. she told me to help my self... so i climbed right in.
She told me that she got me a new wardrobe...whatever that means. She got me a pink dress for easter.and a dress that says hot little miss attitude...i dont get why tho. lol